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My name is Kylie, Grova Creative’s newest marketing and communications intern! I am so glad I could score such an amazing opportunity to learn from and work with the hardworking and creative minds at Grova. Born and raised in Florida, I grew up playing soccer and always dreamt of getting a college degree. I played soccer in college for Delta State University and shortly transferred to Thomas University, located in Thomasville, Georgia. There, I chose to pursue a degree in Business Management and Administration.

How’d I Get Here?

During my studies, one of my peers introduced me to digital marketing. I quickly realized that I wanted to pursue a career in marketing. I continued my studies and worked in digital marketing as a remote freelancer for various clientele, including two Shark Tank-featured companies. Next, I got another freelancing opportunity to work with a marketing agency specializing in the craft beer industry. I started as a copywriter, writing social post captions for several breweries across the U.S. After one month of copywriting, I took on much more significant roles and learned much more about marketing operations. I learned about social media, paid advertising, influencer marketing, email campaigns, project management, client communications, and more. But I didn’t want to stop there.

Finding Grova

After moving on from that job, my thirst for knowledge continued to grow. As I said before, I am a former soccer player, so I attend the Tallahassee Battle Lions games from time to time. I always noticed the “Grova” sponsor on the players’ jerseys, but I never knew what it was until I was looking for marketing job opportunities one day. That is when I discovered Grova Creative for the first time, and the moment I did, I knew I wanted to work there. My wishes came true because they were actively looking for an intern. I met Hannah and Chris for an interview a week later, and now I’m here writing this blog for Grova at the office! 

My First Day

My first day at Grova Creative as a marketing intern was very special. The team took extra time to make the office feel like home for me. When I arrived, written in large on the whiteboard were the words, “Welcome, Kylie!” and my desk was filled with fun tchotchkes like stickers, a pen + notebook, sticky notes, and a 4-pack of Grova branded beer from a local brewery client—what a treat!

The Internship

I have high hopes and expectations for what I can achieve during this internship. I’m looking forward to getting hands-on experience in person, allowing me to apply the knowledge I’ve gained in school to actual projects and campaigns. I am eager to enhance my project management skills, which are crucial for success in any business sector. The opportunity to connect with other professionals in the industry is something I value immensely, as building a solid network can open doors to exciting career prospects. This internship will boost my resume, making me a more competitive candidate in the job market. I also look forward to skill development opportunities, including SEO, data analysis, marketing plan development, and campaign management. Understanding the latest industry trends and best practices will give me a competitive edge. This experience will also enhance my self-confidence and belief in my abilities. By the end of my internship at Grova, I am hoping to find a full-time job within the marketing industry. Overall, I am committed to making the most of this internship at Grova Creative, working daily to achieve my personal and professional goals while helping the team.

Advice for Recent College Graduates

I can’t stress enough the importance of having a resume showcasing experience in the industry you want to pursue. While academic achievements are significant, real-world experience sets you apart in the competitive job market. I highly recommend taking an internship after college. It is a fantastic way to learn invaluable skills and bridge the gap between your education and career. Internships allow you to network, learn from experienced professionals, and gain insights into the specific industry you’re interested in. They can often lead to full-time job opportunities and bring you closer to your desired career, at the very least. 

A Moment of Gratitude

I want to thank G and her team for this internship opportunity I’ve been given. It is a significant step in my career, and I genuinely appreciate the chance to gain real-world experience at Grova Creative. This opportunity as a marketing intern means a lot to me, and I’m looking forward to learning and growing during my time here!

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