2023 Super Bowl Ads: Grova’s Top Picks

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It’s officially been over a week since the Super Bowl, aka one of the biggest days of the year for the advertising industry. In 2023, the cost of a 30-second ad spot typically ranged from six to seven million dollars. There’s a lot at stake for these advertisers, as it’s not an easy job to create an effective Super Bowl ad that reaches an array of diverse audiences. Although some brands missed the mark with their Super Bowl ads, others gave what they needed to give. We asked each Grova team member what their favorite Super Bowl ads were, and here’s what they said:



Creative Director

I really liked Google Pixel’s “Fixed on Pixel” ad. With our phones glued to our hip, it’s one of the most useful ways to document life. I love how Google showed us the way we document can be improved with its new photo editing features without having to use third party software. Almost made me want to switch from Apple. I also enjoyed Budweiser’s “Six Degrees of Bud” ad because the storytelling and the flow was very smooth. It was fun to see how they targeted everyday people and didn’t resort to playing it safe by cashing in on celebrity status. I felt like I deserved a bud instead of feeling like I should want one because some “important” person endorses it. 



Account Manager/Graphic Designer

I really liked the Pepsi ads with Steve Martin and Ben Stiller because it gave the audience familiar faces to pay attention to without them saying “this is the best product ever.” The ads left it up to interpretation for the audience unlike many others that tell viewers that their product is the only product they trust. I also really liked the T-Mobile ad with Bradley Cooper for similar reasons. The ad shows him and his mom trying to make a commercial but not really succeeding. So, you spent the whole time waiting for them to sell you on their products, but really it was just a cute commercial with his mom wearing branded outfits. 



Jr. Graphic Designer

My first favorite of the Super Bowl ads was The Busch Guide by Busch Light. I just absolutely loved how they utilized a nationally-recognized, emotionally-charged, iconic ad in their manly beer commercial. Probably everybody we know thinks of the ASPCA commercial when they hear “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan. The juxtaposition! The culture! Just great. My second favorite ad was The High Stakes Beer Ad by Miller Lite. This ad had a cool breaking-the-fourth-wall vibe to it. I always like seeing that in ads. The anime/cartoonish fight aspect to it had me laughing.



Jr. Account Manager/Copywriter

There were tons of creative ads this year, but I really liked Booking.com’s Somewhere, Anywhere ad with Melissa McCarthy. I could be biased as I’m a huge fan of Melissa McCarthy, but this was a fun ad to watch! I loved the cameo of her husband, too. Uber’s One Hit ad was also super entertaining, and I loved the different celeb cameos. Plus, this song was stuck in my head for an ungodly amount of time after watching it. I’m also a sucker for basically any ads by Disney. Disney’s 100 years ad was so heartwarming—they kill it every time.  



Brands are constantly raising the bar when it comes to Super Bowl ads, and this year was no different. Some ads fell short, but many others were great, making it difficult to pick our favorites! Which was your favorite 2023 Super Bowl ad? Contact us to inquire about our advertising, digital marketing, and branding services!

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