Creative Ways Brands are Advertising on TikTok

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It’s not uncommon to see big brands using TikTok in ways that make you say, “wait–what?!” This is exactly how these brands are successfully breaking through the noise in each market. Of course, not all deviations from the norm work—they must be carefully & strategically planned. There is an overwhelming number of brands on TikTok, so sharing original content while playing into trends is key. Keep reading to learn about the creative ways that three major brands are advertising on TikTok!  


TikTok-based Reality Shows

Neutrogena made a bold choice with their recent TikTok ad campaign, Hydro House, by deviating from their typical brand voice. The campaign successfully gained traction in TikTok’s saturated skincare market. Hydro House featured past reality show contestants/now-creators, including some from The Bachelor. In the “show,” the stars in the Hydro House are competing for a cleanser’s love, much like the shows the contestants were on in the past. This worked wonders for Neutrogena, as the campaign utilized influencers while giving a trend their own creative twist. It caught users’ attention by casually advertising their skincare and playing into comedy-focused marketing!


Branded Effects & Hashtag Challenges 

Another super-saturated market on TikTok is the gaming market, but EA Games found a creative way to break through. By partnering up with TikTok, EA Games promoted their in-game Sims Sessions concert series with a Branded Effect and Branded Hashtag Challenge. This worked for EA Games because users could create their own content with the effect and hashtag, encouraging organic advertising in the gaming community. Their hashtag received over nine billion views!


Interactive Stickers

TikTok is a huge platform for fashion lovers, making it difficult to cut through the fashion market on the app. eBay partnered with TikTok on an ad campaign targeting sneakerheads and used TikTok’s Voting Stickers to promote shoes in their #SneakerShowdown. The campaign worked well for eBay not only because it was creative and interactive, but it was released at the perfect time. 1.2 million users participated in the polls!



Big brands are getting very creative with their TikTok advertisements these days! No matter the size of your advertising budget, there are ways to creatively use TikTok to grow your business. Big productions, like reality shows, aren’t always feasible, but interactive stickers and challenges are an easy way to engage your audience—but it takes consistency, time, and patience! Visit our website or contact us to learn more about the creative ways brands are advertising on TikTok.

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