6 Strategies for Better Messaging to Your Audience

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When it comes to marketing and advertising, messaging is everything. Messaging/Content is essentially the momentum driving the campaign and what is decoded by the audience. It is expressed through virtually every campaign component, from the design and logo to the copy and tagline. As a business owner, it can feel as though your message is straightforward because you have a firm grasp of your own brand. Potential customers, who are experiencing your brand for the first time, may not understand a message that appears clear to you. Even though you put something out that can seem relatively simple to you, that doesn’t mean the audience will necessarily interpret it the same way. Fortunately, effective strategies and tools ensure that your message comes across clear as day to your target audience. Here are 6 Strategies for Better Messaging to Your Audience: 

Keep the messaging digestible

One of the key strategies for effective communication to your audience is making sure that it is short and to the point. Screen real estate is as limited as ever, with the digital sphere always competing for consumers’ attention. Short-form content allows you to translate your brand’s purpose and mission to your audience in a way that can be consumed through even a fleeting skim.

Speak the language of your target

Understanding your audience will allow you to curate your messaging in a way that resonates with them, depending on who they are. Different demographics value different brands, messages, forms of entertainment, etc. They all have different needs. You wouldn’t speak to a high school student the same way you would speak to a tech company’s middle-aged executive. Immerse yourself with sufficient research to determine how to express your audience’s language and grasp their curiosity.

Strategize your messaging catered explicitly to the platform

While your messaging might live on several different platforms, that doesn’t mean that you should copy and paste that messaging verbatim onto those platforms. Each social media channel serves different purposes, and the content delivered on them should be treated as such. For example, Instagram serves as a platform for visually-appealing content, focusing on photography and creative visuals. In contrast, LinkedIn often focuses on industry-specific content. Therefore, your messaging should manifest differently on these two platforms while maintaining brand consistency and the values that hold true to your brand.

Get feedback

Concept-testing can be a massive help for your brand to determine if you are on the right track for your messaging. Conducting surveys, phone interviews, and focus groups can allow you to receive feedback from those whose opinions you value, and who can shape how you potentially pivot your messaging.

Provide a glimpse into the future with your desired call-to-action, or CTA

Through any form of advertising, the consumer will approach the messaging with the subconscious question, “what will I get out of this?” Through your short-form content, focus on making it incredibly transparent to your audience. Quickly tell them how your brand will improve their life or solve a problem they may face. After consuming the content, they should be able to walk away with a clear understanding of how your brand can be of benefit to them.

Be consistent and persistent

While your messaging should be nuanced across different platforms, it should remain consistent. Consistency can manifest through the color palette, language and vernacular, voice, and overall CTA for the audience. Posting consistently is also crucial to staying top of mind to your consumers. Otherwise, you’ll nearly get lost amid the media space. Post frequently, but with purpose and intention. Diversify your messaging to keep it fresh, and keep up with social media trends to stay in tune and evolve with the zeitgeist.

We hope you enjoyed these 6 strategies for better messaging to your audience. Remember content is king and messaging is EVERYTHING.


Grova Creative is a women, minority and veteran-owned agency headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida, and works with clients all across the United States. If you are a business or organization seeking help with advertising, marketing, branding, messaging, marketing, strategy, website development, or other creative assets, visit grova.com.

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