5 Steps To Successful Advertising

Whether you're starting your own business or are a seasoned business owner, there's one thing that a company can never get enough of—advertising.

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Whether you’re starting your own business or are a seasoned business owner, there’s one thing that a company can never get enough of—advertising. And whether you’ve owned your business for five years or five months, learning the ins and outs and new trade trends of advertising can be difficult and time-consuming. Here’s a list of the top five essential points of advertising you must cover to get adequate brand coverage to get you started.

1. Set Your Goals

First, you need to identify why you are looking to advertise your business. Is there a big sale going on, is it the most active buying season for your business, or do you want to generate brand awareness? Create an outline of your goals in detail, so you can proceed with the following steps. This will be the foundation for your research, implementation, and review of advertising strategies.

2. Do Your Research

Although this may be the most time-consuming and tedious step, this is a crucial step to gain momentum for your advertising. By looking at your goals, you will need to find the right audience for your promotion or business. Typical age groups can range from 13 – 17, 18 – 25, 26 – 34, 35 – 44, 45 – 55, and 55 – 64, and 65+. You will also want to research where your audience lives (demographic). This factor can determine a lot about the angle you want to pursue when advertising. For example, a person who lives in the hustle and bustle of New York City will not be amused by an advert directed towards someone who lives in a farm town. The third most important factor to consider is gender. Although the majority of products are gender-neutral, your advertising can be dedicated to grabbing the attention of a certain gender. This can be a strong factor to obtain a successful marketing campaign. 

3. Know The Advertising Trends

Another component of research: figure out where your target audience will most likely pay attention to an ad or promotion. Will it be better served on a billboard, social media, digital media, etc. Knowing what is trending amongst your determined audience is essential, but knowing how to implement them in new and current advertising models is what will set your advertising apart from the rest. Reading advertising agency blogs, such as Grova Creative’s Blog, or advertising trade magazines, can help you get a sense of what’s currently trending in the advertising world. Setting up your research in one of these models will put your advertising in places and formats to gain higher exposure than just putting your adverts on your social channels. 

4. Don’t Forget About Social Media

However, social media today is one of the most powerful advertising tools. The majority of age groups are on it. People all over the world, people with different backgrounds, education levels, and beliefs all use the same social media platforms. These platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. An essential tip to using these platforms to their maximum potential is setting up your accounts as business accounts. With a business account, you can see your audience demographics, when is the best time to post, and what posts are getting the most interactions. When using social media, you want to take advantage of the analytical tools it has to offer. Additionally, you want to apply options such as hashtags and locations to draw more attention to your posts.

5. Have Fun and Be Creative

With all of the steps needed to ensure a successful advertising campaign, it is easy to get lost in the guidelines and forget about your creativity. However, creativity is what makes a unique and eye-catching campaign! Make sure to have active brainstorming sessions to think of outgoing campaigns that will capture the attention of your audience based on your research and analysis of current advertising campaigns. As we like to say at Grova Creative, “Let the creative juices flow!” 

With these five guidelines, you will be on your way to a quality advertising campaign that will grab your audience’s attention. However, we know that sometimes it can be easier said than done, especially when you have a business to manage. Sometimes it is necessary to reach out to an advertising professional, and we’d love to help! Here at Grova Creative, we can help you lift YOUR brand beyond the noise. Contact us today to learn more at (850) 296-8363 or contact us via our website.

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