3 Marketing Mistakes You Want to Avoid

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Written By: Kate Jacobsen

1. Having a Poorly Designed Logo

Often times, the problem with logos is they are hastily designed by business owners because of their want to hurry up and get their brand out to the public. However, rapidly firing out a poorly designed logo hurts your business because you did not take the appropriate time to research the brand and how it may react with your target market.

Typically, as a business owner, you want to create a logo that appeals to your taste, using colors, fonts, et cetera, that you prefer. However it is essential to understand that your design style is not the same as your consumers and not necessarily what is best for your business. A solution to this common mistake is working with a creative agency who can help you formulate ideas and styles that best suit your target audience, while elevating your business amongst your competitors.

2. Not investing in SEO

It is highly beneficial to your company to invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), because it brings a lot of value to your company and increases your company’s awareness.

People depend on SEO everyday. For example, consumers use search engines, such as Google, to find the exact product or service they are looking for. SEO’s load of information finds your consumer the best result to their search. The result stems from the keywords consumers enter into a search engine. In order for your business to appear as the first result, your website must have keywords that pertain most commonly to your product or service, so that it has a higher chance of matching with the search engine’s stored keywords.

Your website should also be consistent in providing new, fresh content, as SEO ranks current content higher up on search results than old, dated content.

3. Ignoring Social Media

Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, et cetera, having your business present on social media is advantageous for your company’s overall success. As we progress in such a heavily digitalized world, consumers are more present as ever on social media. So having accounts for your business is key to keeping your business relevant and recognizable to current consumers, as well as easily accessible to potential new consumers. By using social media, your business takes advantage of a medium that is effective in reaching a lot of individuals very quickly. Social media contributes significantly to establishing your brand’s voice and goals as a business. Being able to post content that expresses your brand is effective to building brand loyalty with your consumers. But, what is most remarkable about social media’s affect on your company, is its ability to interact with other users and other businesses, increasing the networking of your company and greatly contributing to the idea of getting your business’ name out there.

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