Last Minute Halloween Costumes…Fast and Fun!

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Happy Halloween…or as we like to say around here “Grovaween!”

So, you decided to go out last minute with your kids, and the stores are sold out of costumes? Or you decided to go to the Halloween party last minute and you don’t have a costume? Don’t worry we got you covered. Picking a costume doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. Here are some great last-minute Halloween costume ideas that won’t break the bank.

1. Stick Figure

Grab a white long-sleeved shirt and white pants. Using black electrical tape or duct tape, make one line down each arm and leg, connecting them to a single line down the torso so it looks like a stick figure. You could even grab a plain paper plate, cut eye holes, and draw a smiley face or an emoji style face if you want to have a mask. This is a quick, easy, and pretty much free costume that’s sure to get lots of laughs.

2. Minion

Wear a yellow sweatshirt or t-shirt with a pair of overalls. If you have an old pair of sunglasses lying around, pop the lenses out and wrap the frames with tin foil to mimic the minion goggles. Bonus points for carrying a banana around with you and speaking in Minionese.

3. Identity Thief

This one is super simple. You’ll just need a marker and a bunch of “Hello my name is…” labels. Write a random name on each label and stick them all over yourself. Just don’t try to steal anyone’s credit card info or social security number unless you fancy a night in the slammer.

4. Crazy Cat Lady

Throw on some sweats or pajamas and a comfy robe. Toss your hair in some rollers or an old-fashioned scarf. Grab some stuffed animal kitty cats, and you are ready for a night of feline fun. Don’t be surprised if cats try to follow you home.

5. Cat

This classic can be fun on its own or with a group of friends and one person dressed like the crazy cat lady. All you need are some kitty ears and eyeliner. Draw on some whiskers, and you’ll look purrrrrrfect.

6. Chick Magnet

For this look grab a bunch of Barbie dolls and attach them to your clothing. Or you could get literal and use baby chick toy and an actual magnet. Either way, this costume is full of fun and pun.

7. Let Your Makeup Be the Costume

If you’ve got a talent for putting on your face, just put your best face forward. You could choose to apply your makeup like a sparkling mermaid by selecting dreamy greens and seaworthy blues. Grab some fishnet material stockings, put them on over your head, so they cover your face, then use a makeup sponge or your fingers to apply eyeshadow over it on your temples, forehead, and cheekbones so that you create a fish scale-like pattern. Cream eyeshadows work ideally for this purpose. A cool way to apply the shadow is by doing an ombre effect, with the colors fading from darker to lighter within the same hue. After you finish and carefully pull the fishnet material away, and it will look like you are a siren from the deep blue sea. Just don’t be upset if a sea witch tries to steal your voice.

8. Raining Men

This feisty look is easy to pull off if you have an umbrella, rain boots, and a magazine handy. Cut out some pics of famous men- Ryan Gosling is always a lovely choice. Hang the pictures from the umbrella using thread or dental floss. Dress like it’s pouring outside and voila! It’s raining men.

No matter what you dress as, have a great time with your costume and be safe. After all, Halloween comes but once a year, so get dressed up and enjoy this Spooktacular night of fun for all ages.

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