How often should you post to Facebook?

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What should I post?


When it comes to Facebook you want to post quality content that
will keep your audience interested and engaged. This will allow you to create
opportunities for sales, awareness, and help your posts show up in the news
feed. Also, you want to encourage your fans to take action. Get them to Like,
comment on, or share your content. Remember to keep it simple, don’t be afraid
to have a little fun, and please only post information that is relevant to your

How often should I post?

When you post too frequently, users’ news feeds become
cluttered with posts. As a result, your fans can “unlike” the page because
content is too frequent and they lose interest; or your fans can block your
posts from reaching their walls, causing them to miss important information.
The bottom line is you don’t want them to think your posts are annoying!

So, here comes the magic question: How often should we post
to Facebook? Unfortunately, there is no magic number that works for everyone.
This number varies depending on audience and intended message. You should want
to engage your audience and to do this you need to post frequently. But I ask
again: What is the happy medium?! According to Socialbakers the top brands tend
to post once per day. On the other hand, Groundwire’s John Stahl suggests
posting three to five times a week. Bottom line is, you have to do your
research. Figure out when you get the most interaction with your fans while
keeping your fan base intact.

On the upside, here are some basic guidelines to keep in
mind while you figure out what works best for you and your audience.

  • At the
    very least, post once a day.
  • Ideally,
    try to post three times a day: once in the morning, afternoon, and evening.
  • The
    best times to post to Facebook are between 1-4 in the afternoon. So, use this time period to post the most important content you wish to share.

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