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Today as I was sitting at my desk (something I do every
Monday thru Friday) and I realized I needed to do something different; get out
of my regular routine. So, I decided to take a blast from my past. I thought: grab
some inspiration from photographers I have crossed past with. Who could that
be? The answer: Gentl and Hyers. Gentl and Hyers, a couple that photographs
together, is a miraculous and unique team. To be honest I haven’t had any
contact with either one in years, but I have always been a fan of their work
and how relaxed and enjoyable they are in the studio. I thought it would be
nice to work with them again, but I am no longer in the magazine scene. However,
that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy their work and grab inspiration from it. I have
challenged myself that my next project will reflect something that has inspired
me from one of their many talented photos. So, I will keep you updated and post what I come up with. To be continued…

You can check out their portfolio at

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