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The Challenge

As a new company about to venture into the competitive construction and roofing market, TSpark Enterprises needed a brand strategy and identity that would set them apart from the rest. Looking to establish trust from potential customers and looking to represent the services and professionalism they offer in the best way possible, TSpark needed a logo and brand that was clean and simple but elevated and distinguishable. Our research made it clear that we needed to create work that would speak to and resonate with two separate audiences:

home owners for residential work and business owners for commercial work.

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Armed with the knowledge of TSpark’s goals, we set forth to craft a logo and identity that could relate to both of the target audiences and could accurately represent the dedication and quality that TSpark puts into their professional services.

Services we offer to TSpark Enterprises

  • Brand Management
  • Messaging
  • Media Buying
  • Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Graphic Design
  • Advertising
  • Video
  • Radio
  • Photography

Our Approach

From branding to messaging and all the way into the digital platform, we worked with TSpark Enterprises to build a brand and strategy that could lay the marketing foundation for their future and bring the company’s personality to life. We created a plan to provide a digital, print and broadcast experience that could define and represent TSpark as the authentic, strong and first-class construction and roofing company that they are.

We started our work with extensive market research and with the help of a focus group, we were able to find ways to visually convey and represent what TSpark is at its core, a reliable, high-quality and driven construction and roofing company. We designed a clean and distinctive logo, business cards, and messaging to ensure TSpark’s brand strength and recognition as a construction company like no other.

To develop awareness and launch the new brand, we created digital ads and implemented geofencing and targeted ad placements into TSpark’s new strategy. Within the first 30 days these ads already started to get the job done and created a 15% Click Through Rate (CTR). For additional exposure, we selectively placed billboards that complimented the digital ads in high-volume traffic areas and created scripted radio jingles on relevant radio stations that could target the main demographic.

Lastly, we focused our efforts on breaking the mold for what’s expected of typical construction television ads.

We scripted, shot and edited brand commercials with cinematography that conveyed a more emotional and engaging style to create a construction ad that’s unlike any other and distinctively representative of TSpark. The commercials were placed utilizing over the top (OTT) advertising and proved to be well worth the work, with over 60,000 impressions in 30 days.

Our work with TSpark began with the aspiration of finding a way to visually and strategically communicate what the brand represents, but it didn’t stop there. Our work is still ongoing as we continue to develop results that separate TSpark from the competition, and as we continue to strive for perfection, inspired and motivated by the slogans we created for both of the company’s demographics, “We Conquer All Peaks” (Roofing) and “Picture Perfect Results” (Commercial).

The Results

After five months

  • Reached a million dollars in sales after 5 months of launching the brand

After six months

  • 22% Improvement in SEM web search
  • 53% Improvement in SEM reach on social media
  • 42% increase in phone calls from website

Lasting Results

  • Consistent website traffic and new leads (SEM, SEO, and Google AdWords)
  • Continuous upward increase in brand recognition and sales
  • A steady flow of NEW website visitors each month
  • Logo design awarded a 2017 International Davey Award

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