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The Challenge

Pineappétit, formerly known as Sam’s Pineapple Express, is a food truck and now brick-and-mortar site serving island-inspired dishes. There’s no arguing that Pineappétit’s food is exquisite in both flavor and presentation. However, as a new food truck and restaurant to the area, Pineappétit needed to set itself apart from competitors by sharing the fun and lively nature of its cuisine with the Tallahassee community.

So we got our creative juices
to work to establish a fun,
tropical, and eye-catching brand.

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Services we offer to Pineappétit

  • Branding/Brand Management
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media
  • Apparel Design
  • Photography
  • Earned Media Coverage
  • Website Design
  • Messaging
  • Email Marketing

Our Approach

Pineappétit first came to us as Sam’s Pineapple Express, a food truck with a unique gimmick, food served in bowls made out of hollowed-out pineapples. Anyone would love this photo-worthy dish, but Pineappétit didn’t have the branding to match its distinctiveness. We started from scratch with a new name, new colors, a new logo, and even a new truck! With bright colors and a tropical feel, who wouldn’t want to be transported to food paradise with Pineappétit’s new branding? The bright yellow truck even won a silver award at the 2018 Davey awards.

Pineappétit’s food truck became such a success around the Tallahassee community that it became a brick-and-mortar site in May of 2021. With the help of our creative team, we redid Pineappétit’s website, menus, social media, and marketing strategy to fit the needs of the new restaurant before the grand opening.

Additionally, we wanted to spread the word around the community to ensure the brick-and-mortar site would be a hit. Through our PR strategy, our press release received 2,060 views and pickup from 113 media outlets. After pitching a compelling and timely story, we earned local media coverage from Capital Outlook, Tallahassee Democrat, WTXL, Food Truck Operator, Tallahassee Table, and Black Business Guide, to name a few. Talk about buzz!

To top it all off, we left Pineappétit with a strong social media presence to ensure brand loyalty. Now, Pineappétit runs a food truck known for its presence at campus events while simultaneously operating a full-service restaurant.

As a result of a successful marketing campaign and professional branding elements, Pineappétit is growing and hopes to open new locations in the future to meet high demand.

The Results

Web Traffic

Pineappétit’s website was averaging 300 visitors a month. After our creative team touched up the website, and implemented a lead generation system, they began averaging 4,500 visitors a month consistently.

Media Coverage

Our press release received 2,060 views and pickup from 113 media outlets around the country. The following six local media outlets chose to highlight Pineappétit, on their websites, publications, and news stations by writing articles inspired by the storytelling in our pitch:

  1. Capital Outlook
  2. Tallahassee Democrat
  3. WTXL
  4. Food Truck Operator
  5. Tallahassee Table
  6. Black Business Guide

Lasting Results

  • 2018 Davey award
  • +967% increase in website traffic year over year
  • Consistent website traffic averaging 4,500 visitors per month
  • Increased sales by 17%
  • Successful grand opening weekend with over 1,000 paid customers in two day span
  • Strong and consistent social media presence and followers

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