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Jan 18 2021

Four Tips to Level-Up Your Website in 2021

Ever wonder what the other guy is doing right? Here are four easy ways to level up your website in 2021.     1. Bold Fonts While serif fonts have recently made a comeback due to their elegant appeal, capturing the attention of an audience is still best done with a bold, clean sans-serif font. […]

Dec 14 2020

4 Marketing Goals for 2021

As the year winds down and we approach closer to 2021, many of us are naturally thinking about our new year’s resolutions. And, we are sure many are thinking about those resolutions, not just for ourselves, but for our careers, and more specifically, our brands. The new year provides a fresh start, renewal, and opportunity […]

Dec 07 2020

4 Strategies to Make Your Content Stick

Much like tape, content works best when it’s sticky. And by sticky, we refer to memorable, long-lasting, evergreen, relatable, resonating content. We’ve previously discussed several content marketing elements, including evergreen content, which can live on in relevance way past its initial date of publication. Here are 4 strategies to make your content stick, and they align very […]

Nov 24 2020

How to shape your holiday marketing strategy in 2020

The holiday season is here, and people are into the holiday spirit! When it comes to your holiday marketing, multiple factors should be considered for your holiday marketing plan. Spending habits, media-consuming habits, and behaviors all change around this time of year. They will be significantly compromised this year because of the pandemic, so it’s […]

Nov 17 2020

To Gift or Not to Gift Your Clients this Holiday Season?

As the holiday season rolls around, many of us begin our gift searches and preparations for friends and family. You might be asking yourself, “should I be sending a client a gift this holiday season?” If you’re asking us, the answer is 100% yes. Not only will they feel appreciated and valued as your client, […]