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May 19 2020

Business Owner’s Apprehensions About Marketing

Marketing and advertising are among the most essential techniques to not only launch, but also maintain a successful business. Different embodiments of these, from out-of-home forms like billboards to digital content like banners and pop-ups, serve as the liaisons between business and consumer, or even another other business. They communicate the information necessary to inform […]

May 12 2020

Empathy: The Key Ingredient in Advertising

From a consumer’s perspective, the historical core and objective of advertising have been rooted in deception, trickery, and the opportunity for salesmen to make a buck. Advertising exaggerates the benefits of a product or service to present it as more appealing and desirable to the public. If you have worked in this industry or have partnered […]

May 06 2020

Business Owners: 6 Ways to be Productive During Quarantine

Florida is one of the states that is slowly opening back up after the COVID-19 quarantine, but many states are still closed. Depending on which industry you work in, you most likely have way more time on your hands right now than ever before in your career. During this time, it can be easy to […]

Apr 21 2020

The Key to Advertising during COVID-19 Pandemic

With the majority of the nation keeping indoors to quarantine so they can protect themselves against the rampant spread of COVID-19 by social distancing, it can seem like the ideal time to take advantage of advertising on the now more frequently used platforms, such as TV, different social media on the Internet, and even email […]

Apr 16 2020

Staying Busy with Marketing During COVID-19

The nation has been contributing towards flattening the curve of COVID-19 by practicing social distancing and staying home in quarantine. As a result, the pandemic has taken a considerable toll on the economy, leaving many businesses feeling threatened for their future. However, working from home doesn’t mean that your operations have to come to a […]