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Aug 06 2020

What is Cause Marketing?

We live in an age in which big businesses and corporations feel pressure to uphold a certain level of social responsibility, rightfully so. These large enterprises have built such successful empires. They choose to give back and use their resources for societal good—this is where cause marketing comes into play. Cause marketing, or cause-related marketing, […]

Jul 28 2020

Auditing the Quality of your Brand’s Content

Creating compelling and useful content is one of the primary goals of a brand. Content, whether in the form of an article, a billboard, or an Instagram story, serves as a tangible (or intangible) byproduct of that brand. Content embodies your brand’s values, personality, purpose, etc. We treat brands like people so that we can […]

Jul 22 2020

The Power of Everlasting Content

Content creators alike all ask themselves many of the same questions:  How long will this content I’m putting out remain relevant? Will people even click on it and interact with it? Do people care? Will it be relevant next week, or even factually correct next week?  If there is one overarching, entirely valid and universal concern, […]

Jul 16 2020

The Effects of Marketing Post-COVID-19

I’m sure we don’t need to back up our blanket claim that the world will never be the same after this devastating period of COVID-19. We can all agree that everything will be different in some way, shape, or form. And because marketing virtually affects everything, and because everything affects marketing, that industry will be […]

Jul 08 2020

Why Print is Not Dead. Seriously, Hear Us Out.

We’ve all heard the narrative before: “print is dying.” As we advance into an overwhelmingly digital world, dominated by tech, it seems logical to feel as though we will stop reading books and turning physical pages. However, here’s a hot take: Print is a broad medium. Print accounts for materials that go way beyond novels and newspapers. […]