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Sep 15 2021

How to Create a Memorable Slogan

Creating a memorable slogan is one of the most challenging aspects of creating a brand. However, a good slogan is crucial because it communicates your brand’s tone of voice and determines the visual elements of your brand. Therefore, taking the time and effort to carefully craft a unique slogan that fits your brand identity is […]

Sep 13 2021

Social Commerce is Taking Over!

Have you noticed the section of your Instagram entirely dedicated to shopping? It popped up just a few months ago to appeal to the increasing and efficient use of social commerce, defined as the process of selling products directly on a social media platform. Social commerce has proven to be incredibly efficient at increasing sales […]

Sep 10 2021

How to Implement Customer Appreciation in Your Marketing Strategy

Similar to how everyone remembers the restaurant with the caring, compassionate, and attentive staff, everyone also remembers the restaurant that messed up the order and forgot the side of ketchup. Small acts of kindness go a long way. They make your brand more memorable and will keep your consumers coming back. All it requires is […]

Sep 01 2021

How to Use Storytelling in Your Marketing Efforts

Which statement is more memorable to you?  Grova began when our CEO, Giavona Williams, decided to stop listening to the people in her life who told her she would not succeed as a black female business owner. Now, she has proven them wrong and has used her passion for graphic design and marketing to help […]

Aug 25 2021

Digital vs. Print Advertising

In today’s digital world driven by social media and the internet, it’s hard for some people to believe in the usefulness of print advertising. Print, however, can add a unique personal touch and build trust within your consumers. In contrast, digital advertising is pretty over-flooded. Therefore, using it means you’re less likely to stand out […]