How AI is Changing the Marketing Industry

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing how we interact with consumers, providing new opportunities to focus on developing creative strategies. Companies are using AI for content creation, media buying, chatbots, data analysis, and other traditionally non-automated tasks. The use of AI in marketing has been trending upward, so we wanted to introduce you to it. Read on to learn more about how AI is changing the marketing industry!


AI-Driven Campaigns 

Research has shown AI to be very beneficial in digital marketing campaigns as the technology provides quicker and more exact data regarding consumer behavior. Because of this, AI-driven campaigns can be more successful. One of the biggest reasons marketers use AI software is because it can automate tedious tasks, allowing for more focus on creative processes. Google is one of the leading companies utilizing AI to collect advanced customer data and deliver more precise search results. For example, Google knows that if you search “basketball,” the most common reason for Googling that term right now is to learn about March Madness. AI creates a more seamless experience for users!


Conversational Marketing

Another phrase you might have heard recently is “conversational marketing.” Conversational marketing is a strategy involving real-time conversations with customers/potential customers that creates unique experiences for each user. For example, natural language processing (NLP) is an AI tool that analyzes customer intent and creates custom replies. AI uses this technology in chatbots, SMS, virtual assistants, and more. One of its most significant benefits is that users can quickly get accurate answers to their questions. Users can now get the answers they need more efficiently. 


Final Thoughts

We recommend following the latest trends and marketing developments to keep your business competitive and current. Grova Creative can also provide services to help boost your marketing strategy while keeping up with industry trends.  Contact us to learn more about our advertising, digital marketing, and branding services!



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