Why Logos Are Getting Simpler

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One thing we specialize in at Grova Creative is creating brand and logo designs that fully reflect the brand’s goals, mission, and overall vibe. Like the fashion industry, the design industry experiences cyclical trends which we get to experience firsthand. A trend that has taken the design world by storm is how companies are debranding for a more basic and simple look. Brands like Pringles, BMW, Warner Bros, Mastercard, and even Google have transitioned to a flatter, more simplified logo in recent years. Read on to learn about why logos are getting simpler! 

Why Go 2D?

Back in the 1960s, having simple, 2D logos was standard practice. In the 1990s, logos started to get more complex and become 3D as technology evolved. Nowadays, companies are moving back to 2D logos with a more modern twist. But what’s the reasoning behind this trend? One of the most obvious reasons for simplification is quick, easy brand recognition that sticks. First, as brands mature and grow, it’s only natural for their graphics to mature with them. For example, let’s look at the GoDaddy logo then vs. now. 

Comparison of the old versus new GoDaddy logos.


The original logo is quirkier and more fun, but as GoDaddy has grown as a brand, they’ve settled into a more mature, simplified vibe. Another reason we’re moving back to 2D is because of the necessity to present well across different platforms. Logos have to work for social media platforms, emails, website elements, applications, videography & photography, signage, packing, and the list goes on. 3D logos can be very difficult to use in different mediums; logos that present well in digital formats can present poorly on something like clothing or packaging. 

Logos must translate well across all mediums.

Finally, the demand for a mobile first design experience is rapidly growing. This means that branded graphics must translate well in tiny formats like on mobile apps. Screens are shrinking and user experiences are changing, so it’s best to keep up with changes. Phones and apps also have new features like Dark Mode which can alter how your brand is presented. Simple designs without too much frill are easier to apply to multiple platforms, especially when size is a consideration. 

Logos must look good on tiny screens.


As mentioned in the beginning, trends in many industries tend to be cyclical. 2D is popular at the moment, but as technology continues to evolve and Web3 gains popularity, 3D logos may come back. Cleaning up your logo is beneficial because of the digital benefits, brand recognition, and enhanced user experience that go along with doing so. If you’re interested in simplifying your logo, contact us today!

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