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Football season is back, and advertisements are a huge part of both NFL and college football! Some big brands like Allstate, Nissan, and Dr. Pepper spent upwards of 14 million dollars on TV advertising during the 2021 college football season alone. TV advertising during college football games may not be attainable for your business, but there are other ways to take advantage of college football season. If your business is located near a college or university, there may be advertising opportunities you didn’t know about. Keep reading to learn more about getting the most out of college football advertising!


Why Advertise at Football Games?

Football games provide great opportunities to advertise for many reasons. A large chunk of the population loves watching college football, loves attending college football games, and more. Football games are a good time to engage with potential customers as there are minimal distractions, especially between plays. Football fans are typically very loyal, so aligning your ads with the home team is a smart way to gain new customers. You can also advertise in other ways in the area surrounding a football game!


Ways to Advertise at Football Games

Many people attend football games in groups, making football games a good time to advertise your business. You can contact your local college to learn more about in-game advertising opportunities and more. There are also ways to advertise on college game days without spending the money on in-game ads or if there aren’t ad spots available. Hosting interactive tailgate events can be a great way to get brand recognition and engage with customers. Game day giveaways can be another fun way for customers to engage with your brand and get your name out. Working with student game day ambassadors is an inexpensive way to advertise on game day–just find interested students to get started. Get creative with how you advertise on college game day!



College sports fans are the biggest and most affluent fan base, making college football games a fantastic place to advertise your business. Even if your business doesn’t have in-game or TV ads during football season, you can still use college game days to your advantage to grow your customer base. Contact us to learn more about how you can advertise during football season!

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