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The way we go about advertising is always changing depending on new trends, technological advances, and more. It’s important to adjust your advertising strategy as needed to keep up with the changing times. Younger generations like Gen Z and Gen Alpha, for example, require a different approach to advertising compared to older generations like Millennials and Baby Boomers. Many companies are working on targeting Gen Zalpha, a combination of Gen Z and Gen Alpha, as this generation is dominating so many industries. Keep reading to learn more about Gen Zalpha!

What is Gen Zalpha?

Gen Zalpha is a mixture of generations including Gen Z (born in late ‘90s-2011) and Gen Alpha (born in 2010-2024). These generations include people who have watched the creation of Tesla cars and autonomous vehicles, streaming services like Spotify, and smart devices such as smart speakers. Compared to previous generations, they prioritize collaboration and co-creation, accessible learning (such as virtual learning), and interacting with one another. Sustainability and health-conscious decision-making is very important to these generations. Gen Zalpha has facilitated much-needed changes throughout America over the years. 

Advertising to Gen Zalpha

If you don’t know how to advertise or direct your marketing strategy towards Gen Zalpha, you may be missing out. Claire’s recently made a change to modernize their brand to better meet the needs of Gen Zalpha. They wanted to make a change and focus on branding surrounding self-expression, must-have for this generation. This generation grew up on electronic devices and already know the importance of diversity, equality, and inclusion, so it’s essential to recognize that. Brands must be sure to focus on ethical and transparent communication and to evolve along with the times. This generation has also been shown to have a strong influence on their parents’ buying decisions, so messaging needs to cater to both kids and parents to be truly effective. Interactive and experiential marketing have shown to be very effective strategies. Authenticity and sustainability are major focal points for this generation!


It can be tough to keep up with the ever changing world, especially in marketing and advertising. Truly understanding your audience and adjusting your strategies when needed can help make transitions easier for you and your brand. For professional help with advertising/marketing strategies to Gen Zalpha or any other audience, visit our website or contact us today!

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