Why You Need to Implement Native Advertising in 2022

Native advertising is the new big marketing trend. Want to learn how to incorporate it into your own marketing campaign? Read more below!

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Consumers experience frustration with forms of advertising that disrupt their content. No one enjoys leaving a cliffhanger for their favorite tv show only to experience a series of ads. In an effort to solve this extensive problem, marketers use native advertising. Native advertising creates advertisements that match the content of the media source they are on. Examples include social media in-feed ads, user-generated content, and social media story branded filters. This form of advertising is rampant and a crucial component of many marketing strategies. However, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth all the hype. Spoiler alert, we think so, but to get you on board, we listed the many benefits of native advertising below. 

Native advertising increases positive brand perception: 

Native advertising isn’t disruptive like most other forms of advertising. Therefore, it’s highly effective at increasing positive brand perception. Moreover, native advertising allows marketers to use influencers that their target audience trusts to further increase brand loyalty. Latching on to an influencer’s pre-built brand and community is a proven strategic method to increase positive brand perception for a company. 

Native advertising is highly targeted: 

Native advertising encompasses the world of influencer marketing, which uses your target audience’s favorite influencers to promote your company in their content. Influencer marketing can become highly targeted through the use of micro-influencers. Micro-influencers are individuals with less than 50,000 followers on social media. Because of their low follower count, micro-influencers reach niche audiences. This loyal and highly segmented audience is more likely to pay attention to your advertisement. 

Higher click-through rates: 

A click-through rate is the number of clicks your ad received divided by the number of users who saw your advertisement. Click-through rates are crucial advertising statistics because they gauge whether or not your content is leading users to take action. Native advertising increases click-through rates eight times higher than traditional display advertisements. 

Did we convince you to invest in native advertising? Call Grova Creative today! Our team of highly-skilled creatives are ready to work with you to make an advertising campaign that is sure to increase positive brand perception amongst your target audience.

Grova Creative is a woman, minority, and veteran-owned agency headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida, and works with clients all across the United States. If you are a business or organization seeking help with advertising, marketing, branding, messaging, marketing, strategy, website development, or other creative assets, visit grova.com.

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