Post-Holiday Marketing Strategies

Need help creating a marketing strategy to combat the post-holiday spending slump? We've got you covered with our list of post-holiday marketing tips.

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The holiday season is the highest spending period of the year. According to allcreditunion, Americans planned to spend $997 this year. Therefore, January is a slower month for consumer spending. Not only because of the debt many consumers acquire over the holiday season but also because of new year financial resolutions. So you’re probably wondering, is implementing a marketing strategy worth it if consumers aren’t willing to spend? Surprisingly, the answer is yes. January still offers opportunities to market to consumers successfully if done so correctly. To help you craft a marketing strategy that combats the post-holiday spending blues, we listed the most effective marketing tactics for this season. 

Research what consumers are willing to pay for in January: 

Although consumers are more restrictive with spending after the holidays, they don’t stop spending altogether. In fact, for some products and services, the post-holiday season is the best time of the year. Gyms, workout equipment, and financial advising services are industries that experience growth during the beginning of the year. Additionally, since many consumers put off buying essential products to make up for all the spending during the holiday season, items such as home appliances and cleaning products see an uptick in sales. If your business falls into any of these categories, you’re in luck, and your marketing strategies will result in a high return on investment this quarter. 

Don’t focus on sales: 

If your business doesn’t fall into one of the categories we listed above, don’t fret. Marketing isn’t always about increasing sales. At the beginning of the year, we suggest changing your marketing goals to increasing brand awareness, fostering consumer loyalty, or increasing consumer engagement. Although these goals won’t yield results instantaneously, they will help your brand overperform during periods of high consumer spending. 

Advertise your gift cards: 

If you promoted your gift cards during the holiday season, include gift card spending in your post-holiday marketing strategy. January is the month with the highest amount of gift card spending, and consumers don’t stop at the gift card limit. 65% of gift card users spend 38% over the value of their gift cards. Therefore, reminding your customers to use their gift cards is crucial to increasing your sales. 

Offer discounts: 

Don’t close your discounts just because the holiday season has come to an end. During the post-holiday season, consumers are looking out for the best possible deals. Therefore, if you’re offering a better price than most of your competitors, you’re more likely to receive more new customers. 

We hope these tips help you combat the post-holiday spending slump. Although spending is down after the holidays, marketing strategies are still crucial to ensure you’re continuously fostering brand loyalty. If you need help creating a post-holiday marketing strategy that uniquely caters to your business goals, call Grova Creative today! We have the expertise, tools, and knowledge to ensure your business has a successful early 2022.

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