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Have you noticed the section of your Instagram entirely dedicated to shopping? It popped up just a few months ago to appeal to the increasing and efficient use of social commerce, defined as the process of selling products directly on a social media platform. Social commerce has proven to be incredibly efficient at increasing sales due to its ability to reach target demographics through apps users spend hours upon hours on every day. Does social commerce pique your interest? Find out how your brand can take advantage of social commerce by reading more about its benefits below: 

Social commerce makes shopping engaging: 

Social commerce allows brands to engage with their audience before making a sale through polls, comments, and posts. Building this relationship with your audience first is crucial. It allows consumers to genuinely love and appreciate your company as a whole. Furthermore, building this brand love will entice the consumer to support your brand by purchasing your products. 

Hyper-targeting opportunities: 

Thanks to social media’s consumer data, brands can hyper-target their social media posts to reach only those who would be truly interested in their products. Traditional forms of advertising such as billboards, magazines, and newspapers, however, don’t have any control over who views the content. Accordingly, the hyper targeting capabilities of social media are unmatched. 

Social commerce is user-friendly for the brand and the consumer: 

With just a few taps, you can have your social media shop ready to go. Therefore, creating an online shop has never been easier and cheaper. No need for coding, web design, or a brick-and-mortar location. All you need is a smartphone and some creativity to make engaging content that will draw in your target audience. 

Social commerce statistics: 

In case you’re still wary about social commerce, check out these incredibly compelling statistics. According to Statista, 62% of Gen-Z and Millenials made a purchase on their smartphone via a social media platform. Moreover, according to Insider Intelligence, in 2021, US social commerce sales will rise by 35.8% to $36.62 billion. Additionally, according to 13 Best (2021), as much as thirty-one percent of consumers use social media to discover new items to purchase. Based on these statistics, the time to take advantage of the social commerce industry is now!

Social commerce may be easy to use, but the part many brands struggle with is content creation. Seeing an increase in sales requires creating unique and engaging content that stands out amongst competitors. Thankfully, our team at Grova Creative specializes in social media marketing techniques that are sure to increase engagement and in turn, increase sales for your company. Let’s talk today to create a social media marketing campaign for your social commerce business!

Grova Creative is a woman, minority, and veteran-owned agency headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida, and works with clients all across the United States. If you are a business or organization seeking help with advertising, marketing, branding, messaging, marketing, strategy, website development, or other creative assets, visit

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