Why Your Brand Needs a Mission Statement

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A mission statement is a reflection of your brand goals, values, and philosophies. Although a mission statement might seem obvious and self-explanatory, the message it evokes is crucial in creating your marketing materials. Listed below are a few things this sentence can accomplish for you and your company

1. It refocuses your attention: 

The most notable part about a mission statement is that it communicates what your brand wants to accomplish in the present moment. It should not be confused with your vision statement, which is a statement about what your brand wants to achieve in the long term. The mission statement should refocus your attention solely on the actions you can take in the present moment that can slowly build your brand up to grow towards your vision. 

2. It tells customers about your purpose: 

It might seem self-explanatory and redundant to explain the purpose behind your product or service. However, your mission statement shouldn’t merely be a description. It should communicate the values your brand upholds. For example, a donut shop’s mission wouldn’t be “we serve fried dough with frosting and sprinkles.” This is an obvious statement and doesn’t tell customers anything about your values as a company. Instead, a more effective statement could be “to sweeten up every one of our customers’ days, one donut at a time.” This statement tells customers that the donut shop believes in values like kindness, self-care, and empathy.

3. It serves as a one-sentence marketing plan:

Whenever you’re drafting new marketing materials from a website to an event to a tagline, your mission should serve as a guide you can always fall back on for inspiration. Using the example from earlier, the mission statement, “to sweeten up every one of our customers’ days, one donut at a time,” can inspire so many marketing efforts. The donut shop’s social media should frequently post about how to offer random acts of kindness, which are directly inspired by the mission statement. Going by the mission statement will also ensure that every marketing move stays consistent and on-brand. As a result, customers will have a clear vision of the values your brand stands for.

We hope this helped you understand just how crucial, helpful, and fundamental mission statements are to every brand. Just in case we didn’t convince you enough, customers are valuing mission statements now more than ever before. A whopping 64% of customers find brands much more attractive if they actively communicate their purpose. Time to get started on brainstorming that mission statement! If you find yourself in a rut or are looking for some creative help, the team at Grova specializes in all things marketing, design, and branding. Give us a call to get started on your brand mission today. 



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