8 Ideas for Creatives to Spoil Their Loved One This Valentine’s Day!

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While chocolates and flowers still haven’t lost their charm, there are tons of other fun and original ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. And if you’re a creative, chances are you would love to use your talents to impress your special someone. If you’re looking for some fresh ideas, we’ve got you. Here are eight things creatives can do to spoil their loved one this Valentine’s Day.


1. Design a card


Whether created digitally or by hand, sending a home-made card or postcard is one of the most thoughtful yet underrated ways to show appreciation for someone you care about. They often become treasured keepsakes and are held onto for many years by those who enjoy receiving tangible items from their loved ones. Think about it – the time and effort put into writing even a short message is surprisingly personal, and designing a card from scratch makes it even more so. And now more than ever, it’s a lovely way to stay close to those you care about even at a distance. If sending a physical card isn’t an option, why not try creating an e-card? Your recipient will always have the option to print the card from their own space, or simply save it to their phone or desktop. To design a card digitally, you can use programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, or even online platforms like Canva.



2. Home-made fortune cookies


If you don’t have a valentine just yet, this can be a really cute way to “shoot your shot.” The idea is to design a series of personalized fortunes and insert them into the cookie (per recipe instructions) after baking. You can get really creative with these, but the general rule of thumb is to keep things light and flirty – anything you see on a Valentine’s Day candy, although sometimes cheesy, is usually fair game. If sharing these with someone you already have an established relationship with, it might be a fun idea to include some of your favorite inside jokes as well.



3. Cook their favorite meal


Sometimes, the way to a person’s heart really is through their stomach! If cooking is your thing, why not woo your person of interest by preparing their favorite meal? In terms of love languages, this is perfect for partners who enjoy receiving love through acts of service. It’s also a brilliant way to establish a connection with someone new. There’s a reason why most first dates involve sharing a meal together – delicious food is something we can all bond over, and can make an even better first impression when made by someone special.



4. Write a poem or a love letter


Speaking of love languages, this is a great gift not only for writers but also for people who like to receive love and affection through words. Writing a personalized story, poem, or love letter is one of the most clear-cut ways to communicate your feelings for someone. Similar to cards, written words can be revisited throughout time as a testament to how much you care for someone.



5. Perform a song


With the rise of independent learning apps, it’s easier than ever to learn how to play an instrument. And if you’re already a musician, one of the most romantic things you can do to woo your sweetheart is to perform a song for them! Bonus points if it’s an original piece.



6. Create an ornament at a studio


Depending on where you live, you may have the opportunity to visit a local studio and create something cool! Although many of these places charge a small fee for their services, you might be able to find something for free through friendly connections or free local events. Community colleges and recreational centers often allow access to 3-D printers, ceramics or glass studios, and other specialty craft resources or equipment. If your significant other is also a creative, it might even be a great way to try something new together on a date night.



7. Photo collage


Another awesome way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to create a photo collage of your best memories with your loved one. If you’re handy with Photoshop, you can even edit yourself and your person into funny memes or beautiful places worldwide. Typically this works best with high-definition photos, but if you have some hilarious Instagram or Facebook selfies together, that’s fine too. Once you’ve picked out your photos, you can use them to design a tangible item – things like framed collages, mugs, or even blankets make really great gifts. And if you’re on a budget, there are lots of DIY tutorials that involve nothing more than using a basic printer and some dollar-store craft supplies. At the end of the day, it shouldn’t be too hard or expensive to create something beautiful and memorable. It really is the thought that counts.



8. Edit a video using clips of your memories with them


If you love recording your s/o while you’re out on a date or while hanging out with friends, editing a short video of all your best moments is a wonderful way to directly show them how much they add to your life and how much fun you have together. It can be as simple as sharing a Facebook-generated clip, or as complex as creating a professional montage on Premiere Pro or After Effects. It ultimately depends on what you enjoy doing most, but either way, your partner will probably love it.

We hope you find these ideas useful and wish all of our readers a happy Valentine’s Day!


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