4 Marketing Goals for 2021

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As the year winds down and we approach closer to 2021, many of us are naturally thinking about our new year’s resolutions. And, we are sure many are thinking about those resolutions, not just for ourselves, but for our careers, and more specifically, our brands. The new year provides a fresh start, renewal, and opportunity for some shifts in infrastructure. The marketing landscape is always evolving, but you should keep these goals in mind for your marketing and branding initiatives come January 2021.

1. Take more advantage of social media

With social media growing exponentially in the digitally dominated era, it is crucial to take advantage of its powers. Unlike more traditional marketing forms, social media allows for mass spreadability and circulation and more opportunities to keep up with the evolving landscape. Approximately 89% of consumers say they would buy from a brand they follow or come across on social media. This means that a significant portion of your target audience could be consuming your brand if you are active on social media.

2. Put more effort into your customer service

Studies show that many consumers value customer service as an essential factor in determining their loyalty to a brand. 49% of consumers say they’ll unfollow a brand if they’re faced with poor customer service. With social media at our disposal, there is really no excuse why customer service should fail when these platforms have made it so easy to engage with people almost instantaneously. Customer service is a form of user engagement. When consumers address your brand via social media, stay on top of it, and remain in constant communication for any questions or concerns they might have.

3. Capitalize on visuals

It’s no secret that photos and videos perform better than text-heavy pieces. To engage most with your following and to have a better likelihood of gaining real, meaningful traction, focus on creating more visual content for your feeds—even if it is merely a gif to accompany a textual advertisement or piece of some sort.

4. Conversational marketing is huge

Like we mentioned earlier, engagement with your consumers is very effective with retention because people like feeling important and catered to–it’s simple as that. Promoting content from your brand that invites consumers into a conversation will not only build a sense of community but will also naturally gain more traction.

We believe these 4 marketing tips should be included in your 2021 marketing goals! They will navigate you toward success! Here’s to the New Year!

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