The Importance of a Good, Quality Logo

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When it comes to your brand, every detail is essential. Branding comes down to each component that becomes distinguishable and unique to your brand and your brand only—the voice/tone, language, messaging, visual elements, and color palette. Perhaps one of the most distinguishable symbols of a brand is its logo. Think about it: some brands sell clothing that people buy because of their imprinted logo or brand name on the articles, such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Adidas, or Nike. With that being said, your logo requires just as much forethought and strategic thinking as any other aspect of your marketing. Check out our 4 points on the importance of a good quality logo.

1. It’s the first impression.

More often than not, your potential consumers will notice your brand’s logo before anything else. How it looks, from the colors to the design to the font, can determine how the audience perceives your brand. This logo can gage their interest one way or the other. Your brand has approximately 2 seconds to convince potential customers that it is worth their attention–make them count! While it’s the first impression, it’s also the most memorable at the end of an experience. 

2. It’s what represents your entire brand.

Your logo is the face of your brand. Much like eyes, they are the window to your brand’s soul. Your logo can communicate your brand’s core values and overall purpose as a brand through design alone. It is the foundation of your brand identity. The colors, tones, and fonts can all have a drastic impact on the emotions and feelings evoked by your audience and can tell your brand’s story. When coming up with ideas for your logo, think to yourself, how would you feel if this were plastered everywhere in your office? Would you be satisfied? Would you be relaxed knowing this was the first thing your audience members saw before you could justify your brand?

3. It fosters brand loyalty.

As we mentioned earlier, your logo is what the consumer will walk away with in the back of their mind. If your consumer has a pleasant experience with your logo and its storytelling capabilities, they will be more apt to continue the journey with your brand. They will also be curious to learn more about what it stands for. At the end of the day, brand loyalty should be one of your top business goals for your brand’s lasting impact. Understanding that your logo can affect this outcome is crucial during the construction process.

4. It could expand your opportunities.

You may want to expand your company and it’s essential your logo can handle such expansions. For example, suppose your initial goal was for your brand to simply exist in the digital sphere only, such as a t-shirt ordering company. You later decided to expand the company to a storefront and add more products. You must have a logo that can extend just as you do. Having a logo that can grow with you, you can use it for collateral such as merchandise, out-of-home advertising, billboards, bus ads, etc. This way, you can feel confident that your logo is blown up for the world to see. 


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