The Power of Copywriting

Here are 7 quick tips to give you all the power you need when it comes to copywriting.

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In short, “copywriting” is the general use of writing for advertising and marketing purposes. The product, referred to as “copy,” can exist anywhere from an email, to a press release, to a billboard, to a commercial script, etc. Copy is essentially the words, the textual embodiment of a brand, through which you’ll discover its voice and identity. However, just because it’s copy doesn’t mean it’s compelling or creative. There is so much more power in pouring effort into beefing up your copywriting with creative writing, to spice up your marketing and make it worthy of one’s attention.

Copywriting should be like editorial; whether you’re writing an article or a fictional novel, you always want to grab the reader in with a witty hook or captivating language. This same trope applies to copywriting, and there are several ways you can do this.

1. Use figurative language

Copywriting is a form of storytelling for brands, so incorporating figurative language allows this genre to come to life. The six forms of figurative language include metaphor, personification, onomatopoeia, oxymoron, hyperbole, allusion, and idiom. Utilizing these figures in your copywriting amplifies your messaging and makes the words read like a story rather than a sales pitch—subconsciously, this will translate more authentically and pleasantly to the reader. Metaphors, in particular, allow readers to draw comparisons between the brand and a different, more familiar concept. This overall enhances a positive and seamless interpretation of the brand and its purpose from their perspective.  

2. Incorporate imagery

Copywriting should stimulate the senses in some form. Incorporating power words and illustrious sentences paints a picture of the brand, especially if there aren’t visuals to accompany the copy. This enhances the reader’s experience. Rough, objective copy can come across as mundane and straight-edge, but fluffing it up with exciting language can increase the enthusiasm tenfold.

3. Allude to pop culture and other known references

Referring to pop culture elements and other references, whether those are from movies, songs, or even historical events, can bring a humanized approach to your copy—not to mention peak interest from the reader! Just like sharing a mutual interest for something with another human in conversation can create a bond, establishing some sort of connection with the reader through these allusions can really bring them into your spotlight. 

4. Puns, puns, and more puns

Contrary to popular belief, puns are the highest form of humor—at least in a marketer’s eyes. As much as people ridicule them, you have to admit that they are undoubtedly playful, clever, and add a lighthearted layer to any piece. If applied appropriately, puns are the epitome of qualitative copywriting, and you should use them to your advantage. 

5. Rhyming

Puns can go hand-in-hand with rhyming; there is just a timeless quality in the art of rhyming. Suppose the pairing of words and phrases makes sense, in that case, it can really help to elevate the smoothness and the tastefulness of copywriting. Rhymes also tend to be naturally more memorable, mainly when applied to a tagline or a jingle.

6. Wit and personality

There is really no counterargument to the fact that humor and personable messaging make an experience that much more enjoyable. Therefore, it should be incorporated into your copywriting when possible. By employing wit and personality, the reader gets a sense of the brand’s identity and general nature, which effectively contributes to the branding. This could work to your advantage, especially when talking about an inherently mundane subject matter.

7. The beauty is in the brief

As we’ve mentioned countless times before about messaging, it’s essential to keep it simple but significant. Keep your writing, depending on the context, as snappy and concise as possible to avoid losing the reader. We all know that people skim, so those select words and phrases they scan should be enough to draw them in.


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