Why Print is Not Dead. Seriously, Hear Us Out.

We've all heard the narrative before: "print is dying." As we advance into an overwhelmingly digital world, dominated by tech, it seems logical to feel as though we will stop reading books and turning physical pages.

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We’ve all heard the narrative before: “print is dying.” As we advance into an overwhelmingly digital world, dominated by tech, it seems logical to feel as though we will stop reading books and turning physical pages. However, here’s a hot take: Print is a broad medium. Print accounts for materials that go way beyond novels and newspapers. The truth is that even though we are progressing toward the accessibility of resources on mobile devices and gadgets of the sort, Print will always remain a relevant medium in some form for advertising and other industries. To neglect Print in its entirety would do yourself a disservice, especially when marketing your business.

For starters, depending on the campaign, your marketing plan should be integrated. An integrated marketing campaign is cross-platform and delivers to your target audience throughout various channels, all linking together seamlessly. By incorporating multiple forms of media, you are more likely to reach your audience members. So while Print might be used less nowadays, that just means that it should be considered less of a priority in the budget, not obsolete. Digital media, for example, might take precedence with your money and energy depending on your demographic. You want your brand to live in different homes—where it’s applicable, of course.

The use of print media is technically on a decline, according to eMarketer. However, Group M found that global print advertising spending will still sit at $52.6 billion, no skimpy number. Experts predict that Print will continue to exist in a more concise yet profound way, and even progress into a niche form of media. Digital media has shaped our consumption into a kind that will only withstand a certain quantity of information in a short amount of time. The massive saturation of messaging in the digital space has played a part in our audience’s decreased attention span. That is why Print can serve as a channel in which more substantial amounts of information can be relayed. It can be more easily digestible without the constant influx of other materials demanding the user’s attention. Don’t forget that it can also drive traffic to other portions of your network, such as a website.

Upon entry into a dentist’s office, you still see an array of magazines on the center coffee table of the waiting room. As you exit your gate at the airport, you still see your destination’s brochures on every corner. Print collateral will always be provided at conferences and tradeshows. You are more likely to keep a brand top of mind when its name is sitting on your desk as a notebook or passing it in the grocery store line. If other brands are neglecting Print as a platform, that just makes it that much easier for you to cut through the clutter. 

This new age of media provides an exciting time to explore the non-traditional, creative ways to take advantage of the timeless quality of print materials. There will always be a particular population of people that values tangible information. It provides a more personal and humanized look and feel. Rather than jump to the conclusion that Print is actually dying, it would be a more realistic approach to view it as a medium going through a rebrand. The world of media continues to evolve through its ebbs and flows. As we said before, Print is very much alive, but in moderation and most likely lower on the expense line for your budget. We wouldn’t count it out just yet! 



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