How We Can Learn from the World to Better Ourselves as Advertisers

"Here at Grova, we pride ourselves on being supportive. I am proud that one of our team members felt strongly about writing this blog and sharing her views on the injustice happening in the world today."
- Giavona "G" Williams, Owner of Grova Creative

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Before addressing matters related to the current circumstances of the world, I would like to preface this by disclosing that the following views represent my own, of Jordan Glover, while fully acknowledging my privilege as a white American. With that being said, I’d like to shed light on what has rightfully infiltrated every media platform you follow right now.

To advertise is to humanize, empathize, sympathize… We would not be decent human beings unless we brought to light the more important events in the zeitgeist that require exercising these actions. In addition to the tragic effects of COVID-19 over the past several months, we are now presented with a second much more familiar and long-lasting pandemic: racism and civil injustice.

What started as yet another innocent black life taken as a result of police brutality in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has transformed into national and partially international protests against the criminal justice system. George Floyd’s death was the straw that broke the camel’s back because police brutality and violence against the black community have been recurrent since their supposed “emancipation.” While many of us refrain from getting overly political on our platforms, it has come to the point where politics are overstepping their bounds. Fundamental human rights are considered a subject of debate and opinion rather than rights in and of themselves. 

At this point, it is not white people vs. black people—it is merely racists vs. anti-racists. No matter what background you come from, it is your responsibility to do your part to contribute to the change. There are meaningful actions that can be done without even leaving your home. If you are not comfortable with protests, you can donate and sign petitions to advocate for the equality of black individuals. I am neither encouraging, nor discouraging acts of looting, violence, and public disturbance, but I’d like to pose this question: if an endless series of attempts to peacefully protest a system that was not designed to protect you in the first place, has not initiated any change, and you’ve known one or several of people that have gotten innocently murdered simply for their racial identity, would you continue to settle? Would you continue to partake in seemingly useless events? Movements we learned about in our elementary, middle, and high school history classes that have truly shaped the world began with actions that were anything but “peaceful.” Think of The Boston Tea Party, women’s suffrage, and Stonewall advocated for acceptance of same-sex relationships.

As advertisers, our goal is to speak to human truths and provide content surrounding stories and problems. As advertisers, if we do not use our large platforms and voices for the real movements that cause real change, what are we suitable for? As advertisers, if we do not actively educate ourselves and our communities about issues that matter, what is our purpose?

Now more than ever, the black community needs our voice, our full attention, and our alliance. We cannot move forward if we continue to move backward. To be silent is to be complicit. As a woman just short of 22 years, I still have plenty to learn. Still, I plan to continue engaging in conversations about this topic, especially those that bring discomfort. I encourage you to do the same. 

  • Written by Jordan Glover, Grova Creative
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