Business Owners: 6 Ways to be Productive During Quarantine

As a business owner, there are always tasks and chores that will not only occupy your time but also benefit you and the business.

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Florida is one of the states that is slowly opening back up after the COVID-19 quarantine, but many states are still closed. Depending on which industry you work in, you most likely have way more time on your hands right now than ever before in your career. During this time, it can be easy to get into a rut—while you think you have nothing to do. As a business owner, there are always tasks and chores that will not only occupy your time but also benefit you and the business. Above all, it is crucial to stay positive and acknowledge that you only have so much control over the current state of the world. Here are 6 ways to stay productive during this time.

1. Take care of housekeeping materials.

When life was extra busy during your regular work schedule, there were probably minor, yet important things to do that weren’t necessarily urgent. Whatever those tasks may be, use this extra time on your hands to take care of those. Email those clients that you never got back to, or do some research about the new competitors in your area. There is no time quite like the present, and who knows when you’ll have more time than you do right now?

2. Go through a digital purge.

I don’t know about you, but my laptop continually yells at me that its startup disk is getting to be too full. While I know very well that I do not need everything on my computer, I often ignore it. Take some time to do a deep dive into your computer’s files to delete anything you no longer need. What we don’t realize is that sometimes duplicates are made for several files for no real reason. Trimming down your space will make it easier to find documents you are looking for, and you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

3. Review your progress

Take some time to review certain logistics of your company or business. Look at the numbers to review progress, or lack thereof, to use this time to brainstorm how you can make improvements in the future. Review your current forms of marketing to see if you are still speaking to the audience you had in mind in the first place, and ensure that nothing has changed. If certain characteristics of your business plan have changed, now is the time to save yourself for the future.

4. Organize

Organization can be viewed as the last of your priorities during busy times throughout the year. If you are someone whose computer is all over the place with different files and documents for work, or you have a file cabinet that has no order to it, take a few hours every day to organize it. It will make retrieving items more digestible and user-friendly. Organization is key to peace of mind in virtually any context for that matter.

5. Rebrand

Rebranding is something that we’ve been recommending to clients and other readers, in terms of advertising specifically. But rebranding goes beyond switching up your company’s identity just for business purposes; reinventing aspects of your business can serve as a refreshing start for you and your coworkers. It can get mundane working with the “same old, same old,” so playing around with logos, colors, website redesigns, etc. can make you feel brand new and ready to tackle new biz.

6. Take time for yourself.

With all of this business talk, we’ve neglected perhaps the most critical way to be productive right now: take care of yourself. In recent events, anxiety and concern for the future have been at an all-time high for several people, so taking a step back and taking care of yourself takes priority. Take up a new hobby, pick an old one back up, nourish your body, stay active, rekindle relationships—whatever it takes, do what makes you happy during this time, and find ways to keep yourself motivated!


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