5 Ways to Reach Your Millennial Audience

Millennials make up the 77 million active, tech-savvy, and socially conscious market that continues to switch up preferences and change things up by shunning traditional advertising methods.

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Millennials make up the 77 million active, tech-savvy, and socially conscious market that continues to switch up preferences and change things up by shunning traditional advertising methods. Just because they might be hard to reach doesn’t mean you should give up hope on connecting with the Millennial audience, they make up a lucrative 26% of American households. They continue to be a profitable market for businesses of all sizes. If you are trying to get in touch with this ever-elusive Generation Y market, we’ve compiled the best 5 ways to reach your Millennial audience:

1.Optimize for Social 

Millennials, commonly dubbed the online social generation, grew up alongside social media and its advancements. If you find your business struggling to reach the Millennial market, check out your social presence. Creating a consistent voice and cohesive look across all of your business’s social media platforms can help get the attention of the Millennial audience and convert them into consumers. But before you get to updating your social profiles, there is one more vital component that plays into the social media success of businesses, your content. Optimizing your content for social media will go a long way with your Millennial target market, and research is key. Look into the Millennial audience you are trying to reach and create social media posts that are catered specifically to them. When it comes to Millennial-approved social content, keeping it short and sweet is generally a good rule of thumb. Be sure to look into all of the possibilities for your business’s social media before you get out there and get posting. 

2. Make it Authentic

The Millennial age group is loosely defined as anyone born between 1981-1996, that’s anyone ages 23-38 in the year 2019. The year range makes the Millennial consumer base a wide array of diverse individuals with different purchasing habits and preferences. One thing that generally rings true for this broad assortment of consumers is their tendency to endorse and encourage authenticity and transparency. Millennials are overall a generation that likes to be involved. They may want to know what your company stands for before leaping to make a purchase. If your company is socially-conscious or has a specific cause, broadcasting this to your Millennial audience has the potential to boost sales. Being upfront, authentic, and showing what your company stands will appeal to their values and create trust with your Millennial audience. Authenticity will put you one step closer to securing them as loyal customers. 

3. Be Present Across Channels

When it comes to Millennial audience media channel preferences, mobile comes out on top. Be sure your website and all of your content is mobile-friendly and optimized for mobile users. And don’t stop there. While mobile is the majority preference, spreading your brand and content across relevant channels could be a good move for your business and is worth examining. Millennials are a generation of “second-screeners”. This means that while watching TV or while on their laptop, this audience can also be found behind a second screen, generally their smartphone. If your business is trying to reach the Millennial audience, consider spreading your marketing across relevant channels. The right media with the proper placement at the right time can make or break it with your Millennial audience. We recommend you look into their media usage and don’t be afraid to reach across multiple channels. 

4.Create Connections

Creating a consistent connection with your audience helps gain their trust and convert customers, but this rings especially true when it comes to Millennials. Highly influenced by social recommendations, Millennials are more likely to purchase from your business if they have heard of your company before. If you’re looking to create these connections for your business, consider content marketing. Creating share-worthy and reliable content gets the word out about your business. It can create a trustworthy introduction for your brand. Furthermore, if your content is shareable and spread through social channels or word of mouth, your Millennial audience will learn about your business from their peers. Having your business content shared adds a bonus layer of dependability. 

5. Branch Out

With the Millennial audience at the forefront of all social trends, don’t be afraid to branch out and make all of your marketing efforts stand out from the rest. This doesn’t mean your business has to hop on to every new social media trend or fad. Staying up-to-date and timely is a great way to get the attention of the Millennial audience. Embrace trends and avoid things that could make your company seem outdated or out of touch. Whether it’s through your social media content or other marketing efforts, the Millennial market tends to favor originality and creativity. So be sure to stay on brand, but don’t be afraid to take your marketing efforts out on a limb, it’s a risk that’s well worth the reward. 

Reaching the coveted Millennial market is a challenging but profitable task when done correctly. Winning over individuals from this diverse group can bring in young customers who become loyal to your brand and continue to come back for years to come. 

If your business is one of the many trying to reach this vast market, switch things up! Don’t forget to keep these 5 tips in mind to help you not only reach but also resonate with the Millennial market. 


This information is provided by Grova Creative, located in Tallahassee, Florida: a creative agency that focuses on brand strategy, advertising, graphic design, digital, social media, and messaging.

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