What is Branding and Why Does it Matter?

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You’ve probably heard some of the buzz about branding and what it can do for your business. It’s the magic touch that builds awareness, leaves a lasting impression, sets the stage for your reputation and speaks to your audience, but what is it? If you’re not sure what exactly your business’s branding entails or what it should be, you’re not alone. Somewhere along the marketing line, the term “branding” lost its footing and people with businesses of all sizes have developed an uneven understanding of what the term actually means. If you’re stuck trying to debunk some of the myths and misconceptions of branding, we’ve got your back. Here’s a short guide to answer some common questions and clear up any confusion that might come up when taking on your company’s branding.

So what is branding, anyway?

For many businesses, branding has acquired the unfitting and outdated reputation of being just a logo and certain colors. While those are in fact key players in the brand, the reality is that it doesn’t stop there. There’s more to branding than meets the eye, it extends beyond just aesthetics and reaches into ALL feelings and perceptions associated with your brand. For one all-encompassing definition, you can think of your branding as what separates your business from the competition. It’s your distinctive personality, style and voice that represents what and who your business is to your customers, and it certainly extends far beyond just your logo. The connection between your customers and your business through branding is created with your look, but also through a cohesive and consistent voice and personality that resonates with your audience and keeps them coming back for more. So yes, you’re branding is your company’s logo and colors, but it’s also much more, it’s your voice, personality, positioning, and your connection to your consumers.

Why does it matter?

Having a cohesive brand that brings out your company’s personality is great, but at the end of the day, why does it really matter? The benefits might be initially difficult to recognize, but building your branding can, in turn, build your business. First thing’s first, your branding can single you out from the competition and give your business the recognition it deserves. The small details that separate your company from the rest of your competition matter when a customer comes into contact with your business. While it may seem unimportant or minor at first glance, customers take notice and appreciate when you take the extra steps for cohesive and thorough branding. From the distinctive way your employees greet your customers on the phone to the email signatures used in official emails, your branding can expand throughout all of the elements of your business to help you seal the deal by resonating with your audience and creating memorable impressions that will last. For your business internally, standing behind a strong and reputable brand can promote a sense of company pride and community-belonging among your employees. And lastly, one more of the many benefits of branding that deserves to be mentioned is the building of your business’s reputation. A clear, cohesive and consistent brand can give your business’s reputation a boost through added trustworthiness and credibility.

Does my business really need it?

The answer is yes. From one-person small business operations to large corporations, branding is what brings out your business’s personality. A developed brand includes everything from your logo and slogan to your messaging and distinctive voice. So no matter how big your company is and no matter what you sell, your branding is your opportunity to represent who you are as a business. Take a look at your own branding from an outside perspective and see if it’s portraying your business the way you want it to and if it opens up the opportunity for customers to connect with your company. Branding done right is a representation of personality and values that can be beneficial for any type of business so if it isn’t actively working to build your reputation, your company’s branding is certainly worth a second look. And if you’re still not sold on all of the benefits branding could offer your business, check out our TSPARK case study for an inside look at some of the real-life results that can come from an elevated and evolved brand.

From your brand voice to it’s image and all the way to perception and positioning, there’s a lot that should go into your business’s branding. Next time you’re tackling the branding challenge yourself or looking for help from an agency, forget the outdated notion that your brand is just a logo and remember that branding is all about bringing your business’s personality to the table and creating connections that last.

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