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It’s time to say goodbye to our intern, Iz.  As a farewell, she shares a few words about her time here. We will miss you!

This past semester at Grova has been such a rewarding experience, and it’s hard to say goodbye to this chapter of my life. The bittersweet season that is graduation is quickly approaching with no slow-down or brakes. Fortunately, I still get to take all the things I’ve learned and relationships I’ve built along with me on my next adventures.

A lot of people have dreams of designing in big cities like NYC, LA, or London. When they leave Tallahassee off that list, they’re missing out. Tallahassee is a constantly budding place of incredible ideas, refreshes, and adventures with kind souls abounding. Around every corner is someone who wants to help you grow. There’s always new projects, businesses, ideas, and events to design and the best part is – you get to actually go to them!

A few weeks ago, I was giving my sister and niece a tour of FSU. As we left Woodward garage I exclaimed, “Wait! Stop the car…. I made that!” Lo and behold, a billboard I had worked on at Grova was right in front of us. We stopped the car to document this crazy moment.

 [Don’t worry, there wasn’t anyone behind us.] [Don’t worry, there wasn’t anyone behind us.]

I loved that Grova always pushed me to do something new. Besides designing for new clients, new media, and with new programs, I also wrote my first blogs. I got to create a UX report. I helped brand an event to give students access to music education. I’d never done any of these things before. There’s no better way to learn than by doing, and Grova follows this philosophy. This has led them to grow a team who is always ready to tackle the unfamiliar to fulfill the client’s vision, and push the boundaries of what they already know.

I’ve gotten to work with some incredible clients, and learned some key lessons that have shaped who I am as a person and a designer. There’s two that stand out the most.

Coolest Client: Tallahassee Soccer Club.

You’re telling me I get to work on projects for the first premier soccer club in Tallahassee? Working on developing pieces for their inaugural season has been such a privilege. From posters, fliers, to social media, I got to play a role in these pro-looking projects. The city is excited about the team, and part of that is because of Grova’s awesome work.

Biggest Lesson: Rejection isn’t about you.

When the logo project for a sport and fitness company came in, I was stoked. I was excited to push my joyful style into the rougher, tougher, stronger side of things. I took my illustration-game to a new level, but ultimately, it wasn’t what the client was looking for. I learned that something can be good AND not fit the client’s vision. It doesn’t mean the work is bad. It doesn’t mean I’m bad. It just means it doesn’t work for this. Rejection is hard, but the experience of creating the piece, and growing in client-communication is far more valuable than success on the first try.

Even more than the projects, I’m going to miss the people. G is such a breadth of knowledge, skill, and inspiration (both for design and life). Vanessa, a junior designer at Grova and my office-mate, is a constant source of encouragement, fresh ideas, and always makes my voice feel valid.  I’m so thankful to know them, and excited to see where they take Grova in the years to come.

Written by: Iz Holcomb

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