Last Minute Holiday Marketing Tips

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It’s December, which means many business owners started their marketing campaigns for the holidays on or before Black Friday. If you’re new to business marketing or simply let the holiday season sneak up on you this year, it’s not too late for you! We’ve rounded up a few marketing tips to get you in on all the holiday magic this season.


Update your social media channels and email marketing to reflect the season.

Christmas is everyone’s favorite holiday for a reason. Customers love the cheer, the decorations, the gifts and the sales. Update your communications to show your holiday spirit by giving them a festive design and including holiday phrases that bring smiles to your customers’ faces. Be sure to A/B test your messaging and unjust accordingly. Your messaging should be consistent across all platforms, so find what works for you and do more of it.

Bring customers behind the scenes for them to see how you and your team celebrate the holiday season. Share photos or videos in your social media feed of your holiday socials, charitable giving or gift exchanges with your team members. This makes things more personal for customers when they can connect with you and see you’re going through the same things as they are.

Making connections are key. Be interactive in the comments on your social media channels. Answer any questions your audience may have or just have genuine small conversations with them that make them feel “seen” by you. Ask them how their shopping experience is going and offer suggestions.

Solve a problem for your customers.

Another great idea is to create a last minute holiday gift guide for them. You could partner with other business owners who may have also fallen short on holiday planning or simply create one that highlights some of your best selling items. Show your customers how your products fit into their lives or could be useful for their family members. Creating that visual could have a positive effect on how they view your product and lead to a purchase.

Target customers who started late too!

You weren’t the only one who started later than others. While their counterparts started Christmas shopping in October, some of your customers may just be thinking about getting their shopping done two weeks before Christmas. Make them feel better about their dilemma by crafting a message that speaks directly to them. They’ll appreciate you speaking to their pain point and be more intrigued to buy from you. You could also offer them a free gift with purchase to get their shopping juices flowing.

Remind them who you are in the process.

Always remember that your customers have allowed you into their social media feeds and inboxes for a reason. They relate to your company and your vision, mission, and values. If giving is a part of your company’s core values and you are working with a worthwhile charity for the holiday season, tell their story. Customers connect with companies that connect with them emotionally. Create a campaign that allows a portion of the proceeds to go to that charity and get your customer base involved in reaching a goal you’ve set. They will appreciate that their holiday shopping is also helping you give to a worthy cause.

There’s still time to take advantage of this busy shopping season. The lessons you learn in the next few weeks will help you be more prepared for next year’s holiday season as well. Have fun with it and make it magical!

Written by: Cortney Jones

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