Calling all Shark Week Lovers

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Written by: Kate Jacobsen

It is only fair to take a second and acknowledge Discovery Channel’s success for producing 27 years of the longest-running cable TV programming event ever, Shark Week, and of course, the best cable TV programming event ever. Shark Week airs today, jumping into the week with its “Alien Sharks: Greatest Hits” Special.

Although we cannot deny that simply watching these wild, intelligent fish on TV is already satisfying, we want to take things to the next level, as we always do at Grova, and fill your tank with satisfaction this Shark Week. We have found trivia and quizzes to sharpen your shark knowledge and submerge you deeper into the Shark Week spirit. We also found this hilarious drinking game, so grab some cold ones and keep the spirit high this week. Check out our recommended list below:

Shark Trivia Quiz:

Test your Shark IQ:

Your Shark Personality Quiz:

Shark Week Drinking Game: (Drink responsibly.)

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