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While perusing around today, I found an article that I particularly
enjoyed. Lately I have been asking myself: How would I describe my style of
design? What kind of designer am I? It’s not that I don’t know the answers to
these questions; I just wonder if I can get out of my style, out of my head,
and push my limits. I don’t really have a name for my style. It’s usually very
simple and clean, but I find it hard sometimes to reach outside of my comfort
zone, but I don’t want to be labeled as a “one style designer.” Or what’s that saying…a
one trick pony. Sometimes, I think it’s best that I have a consistent look
because I will be hired for my particular style and other times I think it
might be best to not have a consistent look because it’s more practical to
please multiple clients. According to Brad Woodard both thoughts are correct.
He states that there are five principles to help create your own unique design
. I honestly think that every designer should have his or her own principles to determine style of design,
but his five principles are a fairly good start: appropriateness,
understanding, craftsmanship, passion, and uniqueness.

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